Episode 2: Bebe Buell

Yvonne is back for more of the Max's Kansas City story! With her this week is her good friend and DJ at WDST, Greg Gattine for some great stories about Max's and life, in general, with Rock & Roll's most famous girlfriend, Bebe Buell. Bebe was a southern girl with a lust for life which brought her to NYC in the 70s. She made her way as a model and quickly found herself in the middle of the riotous scene at Max's. Her love affairs with rock legends were the envy of every girl who loved music, which was every girl. These days, she has returned to her southern roots, living in Nashville and creating music.

Thanks to Bebe and Greg for joining us and another thanks to Bebe for letting us feature some of her music.

Find everything Bebe at https://www.bebebuell.org/

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