Episode 2: Mario 'The Big M' Medious, Part 2

Today is part 2 of Neil's incredible conversation with former promotions Guru at Atlantic Records, Mario 'The Big M' Medious! The stories just don't stop with this guy. He tells us about meeting Stevie Wonder; his dealings with The J Giles Band; a crazy ride in John Bonham's Rolls Royce; fishing out of hotel room windows in Seattle with Led Zeppelin; a really great story of solidarity; we hear how Mario and Neil met; and much more. Plus, This Week In Rock and your medical segment. This installment is on depression, inspired by the late, great, Keith Emerson.

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Music Is Medicine

The Rock Doc podcast titled Music is Medicine is a magazine style show hosted by Neil Ratner MD the Rock Doc. Having spent years in the music business during the late sixties and seventies the show includes This Week In the History of Rock and Roll with details and facts about artists and songs you never knew, in depth interviews with both musicians and backstage music industry icons and calling upon his 20 years of experience as a practicing MD, Neil will devote a segment to medical issues of the day with a particular focus on how those issues affect musicians and the music industry.